Gowan apples have been grown since 1876 when the Gowan family orchards were first established in California’s lush Anderson Valley, now recognized as world-class wine appellation as well. The coastal climate, rich soils and protected valley form a very special microclimate that allow apples to mature at a natural pace, developing a complete flavor profile prized by local chefs.


This year Gowans are releasing proprietary blends and varietal premium apple ciders. As with any dish, the best cider starts in the orchard. Gowans grow over 86 selected varieties of apples in sustainable 139 year-old family orchards, now tended by the 5th generation. And because of the craftsmanship handed down through 5 five generations, these special tree-ripened, hand picked, award-winning apples develop exceptional flavor in this renowned world-class terroir, allowing us the luxury of crafting natural fruit-forward ciders.

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