Gowan Orchards-Serving our family and friends since 1876

Since 1876 Gowans have been growing premium quality apples on their sustainable heritage family farm in Mendocino's beautiful Anderson Valley. The coastal weather, protected lush valley, and rich soils have allowed the Gowan family to cultivate some of the best orchards that produce the tastiest apples.

Award-winning Gowan apples are some of the best dessert and cullinary apples, and used to produce top-quality juice, spirits, and apple cider. Gowan apples have been grown since 1876 when the Gowan family orchards were first established in California’s lush Anderson Valley, now a world-famous appellation. This 7th generation sustainable family farm nurtures heritage orchards that produce over 50 different varieties, with some trees that are over 150 years old. The coastal climate, rich soils and protected valley form a very special microclimate that allow apples to mature at a natural pace, developing a full premium flavor profile. And now, with 1000’s of new trees being planted, including classic cider varieties, Gowans look forward to providing more of their signature quality fruit: tree-ripened, hand-picked and award-winning apples from heritage Gowan family orchards.



Gowan Orchards
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