Since 1876, Gowans have been growing apples here...

First, in 1876 our family began growing apples in beautiful Anderson Valley. Some of the trees cared for by Great Great Grandpa and Grandma back then are now 150 years old and still producing sustainably grown apples.


Then in 1910 fresh apples and vegetables were packed onto the family’s horse-drawn wagon with two teams of horses. Setting out for a 30-mile day-long drive, they made their way along the rugged Navarro Ridge Road to reach the Mendocino Coast. Families, restaurateurs, and grocers filled their pantries from the farm’s harvest wagon. Gowan apples are still featured on local store shelves, menus, and family tables today.


In the 1930’s, Grandma Gowan would sit under an oak tree and sell apples. It was the start of the family fruit stand, Gowan's Oak Tree. The original building, still standing and added on to, was built in 1950.


Next in 1947, a couple of years after serving in WWII, James Gowan and his bride Josephine loaded the farm’s pick-up truck with the new apple harvest and drove across the then 10-year-old Golden Gate Bridge. For the first time, Bay Area families enjoyed these fresh, tree-ripened, award-winning apples from this unique terroir, now recognized as a world-class growing region for wine grapes as well.


And in 2015 we invited you to join us for another first. This was the year Gowans introduced our new hand-crafted hard apple ciders. These fruit-forward premium ciders feature heirloom apples, estate-grown on 140 year old heritage Gowan family orchards.


We think you’ll taste the difference. Cheers!